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General Bomb Machine - KaRaSu

artwork for General Bomb Machine

The extensive portfolio of
Klaus KaRaSu Schrefler
can be enjoyed at
The Museum of Modern Crime

" seems to be quite natural one should face a wide array of 'deep feeling' as there has just been the change of a millennium. The unspoken imagination of the apocalypse nourishes the spirit of our time. Everyone is finding his way along a path which returns to his soul. If not in this world then in a virtual one, 'a brave new world'; where nothing is bodily anymore, where fear becomes thrill, and death has no lethal consequences. Game over. Try again.

"In the cynical world the initial feeling, often mystical, is declared to be the enemy of the system and an ally is to be found in the construction 'zeitgeist'. Filled with weapons of satire they approach art, projects, human beings and deep feeling is found in the banal; lackadaisical rhythms of the body, mind, and soul.

"Those who are searching for the easy way out avert darkness. They can never conjure the sun for there is no light without darkness! Whoever denies the aesthetics of obscurity reveals himself often forgetting the fundamental, essential I which unifies all.

"In the beginning, craving for the opposites of unity and love appear contradictory. If the shape of the globe is perceived to be the perfect form, perhaps individuals are not willing to answer where is the beginning of the end. There is possibility that movement points in all directions and each demarcation contains a degree of resistance which releases vitality through tension offering new direction. Lines are never straight just as colors always change with light. Art, without limitation, will give and take..."

take a picture and paint it back

- KaRaSu


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