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Nia Mitchell
Taste Like Roses

The smell and taste of my blood, 
  reminded me of sweet red roses on a
 hot summer's night. 
When the roses are in bloom; even the world stands in amazement, 
  because they are so beautiful, and full of life.
My teeth are sharp as thorns ready to dig 
  themselves into my pasty white skin.
Allowing the pure warm blood to flow into my mouth 
  and the smell of my blood makes me want to dig deeper, 
 so I can feel good about being alive. 
As I sit here under a oak tree sucking at the purple vein
  beneath my translucent white skin and loving what I'm doing. 
I thinking to myself that this blood taste like roses.

Nia Mitchell is 26 years old and she has been living in Stockton California for all her life. She graduated from San Joaquin Delta College in 2000 with a Associate Arts degree in Journalism and her short stories appeared in Works of Fiction: a student magazine. She is currently trying to get her Bachelor Arts degree, Masters degree, and Ph.D. in English. She is working on several new stories for publishing in magazines.

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