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Shane Ridenour

Shane Ridenour
Monterey Peninsula, California, USA

I have been a visual artist for several years, drawing, painting and using photographic images. The past couple years have seen me on somewhat of a sabbatical, as my attention has focused on other interests, including collecting records, beginning woodworking, and growing orchids. Buying a house has been instrumental in this shift of focus.

My work is primarily self portraits. I am interested in using the creative process and artistic format as a means of self exploration. I am also interested in general human issues, and use my own image as the "universal human." My content is derived from personal history, and the impact it has had on my thinking, feeling and interests.

I have done self portrait work from the very beginning, as it provides freedoms that one doesn't have when using others' images (you don't need a release, and you can hardly offend your subject -- this could be very important when making art with somewhat more controversial content). It has also provided opportunities to confront personal issues that arise in the process of using one's own image.

I grew up in a small town, in the Great Lakes area, in a "Christian Family". I have lived in Monterey, California since 1985, but am considering moving back to my homeland in a year or two. I work a full time job, and spend my time reading, listening to music, and playing.

Shane Ridenour

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