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Words From Underground
angelic statue
we are separate.
i am always watching...
i am everywhere... and so are you...
we will be one.
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tonight, my sweet
i'm dressed in blue
with ribbons all wrapped up for you
and veins to match my eyes
which match the storm that whispers your name
(for you, my love)
i wear a hood of lies and tears
and cape my shoulders with fear
and the enemy is within me and around me he surrounds me
in constant infatuation
bathe her in blood from a dying mothers' cunt
and the baby screams when the rope comes undone
he's hanged, it's over, we won we won
and i'm sorry about the mess but i must leave
(i'm blessed, you know)
and the ones above are furious
but i was guessing there'd be two of us
instead the wind moans your name
and i'm wearing blue
(for you, my love).

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