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Words From Underground
angelic statue
we are separate.
i am always watching...
i am everywhere... and so are you...
we will be one.
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you will never understand me
i can never let you try
i am brittle and arid and my skin is like dust
and my eyes are dry
(though they don't look it, do they?)
i've broken so many like you-
twisted and pulled 'til their arms hung like sorrow
and their swollen tongues bled
and i chant when i touch them,
my ragdoll toys
my broken boys
my screaming is a silent thing
come close while i say my prayers:
my father- i've been here forever-
every night i recite my wedding vows
loud enough for him to hear but softly
i'm afraid to wake the angels
who are singing right now
(can't you hear them?)
and i still haven't dreamt about you
i must still believe you're truth,
not justice
but very much beauty
so i can't stop looking at you
and it slices like a sharp thing
like it can carve me into better detail
and i wonder is it worth it:
all the cuts on your fingers
the glass in your eyes...

what will i do if you break before i break you?

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