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Words From Underground
angelic statue
we are separate.
i am always watching...
i am everywhere... and so are you...
we will be one.
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like sugar and syrup
your voice reaches out
it's cracking
you're cracking
hair bleached by the sun
and i'm wondering what the differences are
what made the time move so slow
like sugar and syrup
your arms come undone
to grasp the reciever instead of my hand
i'll hold you forever as time speeds up
counting stars like the ones on the night i drove home
not home but my house
they glittered like tears that won't fall
it's too late for them now
(too late for us now)
when we moved in so slow
like sugar and syrup
in dreams the escape
to meaningless flowers
and all i really missed was seeing you in winter
(the fall is the worst part of all)
i saw the dead eyes
and everything means nothing when the blood comes
we tripped too much
over hello's and oranges and love
it's all moving so slow
like sugar and syrup
i'll write it all down
to remember through ink what i can't keep in thoughts
but i've kept the best pictures
tattoed in bruises in colors in rhymes
all my favorite times with you
and when they move
(like sugar and syrup)
it slows the beat down to a smile.

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