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William C. Burns, Jr.


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The Clockwork Woman Finds a Lover

But he's nothing like
 she wanted
Or expected
 for that matter

I mean he was so . . .
 so organic
With twisting
 and twining roots
He was all branches
 and bark
Sticky fluids oozing
 all over the place
Disgusting really

All she'd wanted
 all she was looking for
Was someone
 a little something
To fill in that hallow space
 inside her
Just a little tick
 for her tock
A yang
 for her yin
(She read about that kind of thing
 in one of her magazines)

Now look at the crack
 in her world
Where everything
 in the Universe
Is free to come and go
And time is no longer
And all her symmetries . . .
All her perfect symmetries
 are broken

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