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William C. Burns, Jr.


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Armageddon Sunrise

And the prophesy comes to pass
As it was written

Pray for me
For the Eye of Horus is upon me
And the tooth of Set
Is upon my heal
The fifth Chakra has been cleared
and the third resonates with harmonics
beyond endurance

Pray for me
For I am the wielder of Shiva energies
And the Bender of Time
Mine are the hands of the Betrayer
Mine are the hands of the Binder

The Dragon's claw pushes its way out from within
And the Meteor in reverse
Has ripped through my chest
Finding the sky
It has become the second Moon

All words become one word
All thoughts become one thought
And all that has come to pass
has come to pass again

She stands there
Raven of hair and green of eye
And the last thing out of the box
Is Hope

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Armageddon Sunrise


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