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William C. Burns, Jr.


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Lazarus Unit

ILI - Initiate Linkware Interface

Slipstream . . .
Ones and Zeros
   adrift in the soft currents
The sound of trillions of
   insect legs on dry leaves

Adrift in the data stream
   in the hiss of the cyber sea
It all becomes so clear
   so . . . simple
If only real life
   could be like this

PCF - Purge Corrupted Files

Bathed in the pale
   green illumination
The body jerks
   strains against the padded restraints
Someone else's mouth

RAI - Restore Archival Image

The gentle piping of
   the recorders
The subtle thrumming of
   the life conduits
Whir click
   whir click click
The hand twitches

IAP -Institute Autonomous Protocols

He pulls himself
   into a sitting position
Slightly troubled eyes scan the debris
   cluttering the lab floor
Nothing moves
Where did they go?
He drags himself erect
Bracing himself against the wall
   he struggles for the door
      on the far wall

Where did they go?

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Lazarus Unit


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